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Introducing Beach Toy Borrow Bins!

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Recently, you may have noticed a bright blue toy bin at your favorite beach access. The EBLTP is sponsoring a new program to help keep plastic out of our ocean. Abandoned beach toys collected by our turtle patrol volunteers will be recycled into these bins and anyone is welcome to grab a few, use them while on the beach and then replace them in the bins or even take them home!

It's all about keeping Edisto Beach and the ocean clean for humans and sea turtles. When plastic toys are left on the beach overnight they are likely to get swept away into the water where they destroy the delicate ecosystem on which we rely. By re-using these toys and removing them from the beach when the kids are done playing for the day, you can help create less plastic and keep it where it belongs. Even one less plastic toy can make a difference to an endangered turtle!

You can also be a Sea Turtle Hero by filling in holes and flattening sand structures before you leave for the day. Thanks!

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