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Edisto Sea Turtle Facts

Facts and figures

Turtle patrol volunteer pointing at hatchling crawling across the sand to the ocean.

Fun Facts

Each turtle nest contains an average of 120 eggs, but in 2021 our smallest nest contained 81 eggs and the largest had 177!

Only one hatchling in one thousand is likely to survive to maturity. In 2021, Edisto was home to 117 nests and over 11,000 eggs hatched from our beaches.

Although loggerheads are the most common turtle nesting on Edisto beaches, we have also hosted the occasional green or Kemp's ridley turtle.

Each tiny three-inch hatchling must swim for hours and many miles out to the Sargasso Sea to reach relative cover and nutritious food. 

Sea turtle facts

Sample of sign from the beach giving brief turtle facts and beach rules.

Did you know...

Only trained Turtle Patrol volunteers supervised under the official Permit Holder authorized by the SC DNR (Department of Natural Resources) are allowed to perform conservation activities such as: 

- Locating and relocating sea turtle nests

- Marking and maintaining nest areas

- Assisting hatchlings

- Inventorying nests

Anyone caught interfering with nesting turtles, nests or hatchlings without authorization is subject to severe penalties under local, state and federal laws protecting endangered wildlife.

You can help by....

  • Immediately reporting unauthorized activity to Edisto Beach Police at 843-549-2211.

  • Providing photo or video evidence to police when they arrive.

  • Calling Edisto Beach Police if you see turtles in need of assistance.

Thank you!

Nest Tally

By the Numbers

Edisto Turtle Season Trends

Graphic illustrating turtle season trends of when turtles nest and hatch during the season.

Edisto Beach Sea Turtle Tally
2022 FINAL:

Marked Nests:  219

False Crawls:  131

Hatchlings (estimated): 11,102

graph showing Town of Edisto Beach nest and false crawl data for the last nine years
Logo of Edisto Beach Loggerhead Turtle Project
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