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Mama loggerhead sea turtle returning to the ocean after laying a nest on Edisto Beach


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EBLTP Turtle Patrol volunteers conduct an inventory on a recently hatched nest. Hatched and unhatched eggs are counted 3 days after hatching finishes. Success rates are calculated and reported to SC DNR.

About Us

EBLTP (Edisto Beach Loggerhead Turtle Project) is the official sea turtle preservation team for endangered sea turtles in the Town of Edisto Beach. Established in 1982, the organization is a registered not-for-profit in South Carolina and obtains annual authorization from the SC DNR to perform conservation activities. Its fifty-some volunteers train extensively to professionally assist nesting turtles, stranded turtles and hatchlings. 

You'll see us each day at dawn and often in the evenings walking the beach locating nests, protecting them with stakes, tape and fencing as well as conducting inventories on recently hatched nests. Authorized Turtle Patrol members wear shirts saying "Volunteer" or "Turtle Patrol." 

You can help by....

  • Standing far away from nesting mamas and hatchlings, allowing them to get safely to and from the ocean. 

  • Reporting any turtles in distress or unauthorized persons interfering with turtles immediately to Edisto Beach Police at 843-549-2211.

Two Turtle Patrol volunteers conducting a post-hatching inventory on a nest on Edisto Beach.

Useful Links

All about Sea Turtle Conservation!

Everything about sea turtle conservation efforts worldwide.

Our Town of Edisto Beach page provides detailed nesting stats.

SC Aquarium - Sea Turtle Care Center

Find out more about efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and release stranded and injured sea turtles all along the SC coast.

Town of Edisto Beach

Information about town ordinances regarding endangered sea turtles on town beaches.

South Carolina State Parks

During turtle season, Edisto Beach State Park turtle staff conduct public Turtle Walks and turtle inventories. Check out the Programs & Events page for dates and times.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

All about SC DNR Sea Turtle Conservation programs.

Edisto Beach State Park - Turtle Talk

Our neighboring turtle protectors at Edisto Beach State Park tell you all the news about their conservation efforts.

Sea turtle artwork created from the sand on Edisto Beach

Beautiful sand turtle and eggs created by unknown artist on Edisto Beach.

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Edisto Beach Loggerhead Turtle Project

P.O. Box 204

Edisto Beach, SC 29438


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